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Sorry, lyrics about violence, hate, or with any harsh profanity are NOT accepted.

Please Note: You are NOT required to submit payment until after your lyrics are received and worked on, and the melody composed to your lyrics have been approved by you.

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Award Winning Songwriter, Record Producer and Music Educator Rick Brown


After many years of making a living as a studio session musician, producing and recording music projects, AND > writing and co-writing hundreds of songs, Rick Brown now lends his experienced hand to talented lyricists who aspire to write "not only a very good song", but a GREAT song.   

Songsculptor's Musical Expertise is in these Genres

Easy Listening   Adult Contemporary Soft Pop   Smooth Jazz  and/or  Country/Pop

Songsculptor also specializes and loves working with lyrics that are 

 Songs of Faith and Spirituality   "Gospel/Christian, Praise and Worship, Spiritual Thinking" in the Genres listed above 

If Songsculptor can be of Musical Help to you in any of these genres  > Here's what to do.

Please submit your lyrics by e-Mail

Submitting lyrics is easy

Please have (Title, Verses and Chorus's etc) clearly marked and include the Lyric in the "Message" of the e-mail,  OR >   on   an "attachment file" such as (Word Doc, or Word Perfect etc).  Please do not attach your lyric as a PDF, GIF or other type of Clipart. They are very difficult to work with  that way. Thanks.

Also > It is a good idea (although not mandatory) to include the copyright notice and your full name at the bottom of your lyrics.  EXAMPLE:    2015 Your Name   Please Note > Your lyric does NOT need to be filed with The Copyright Office.

IF   you're worried about Songsculptor (or anyone else) stealing your lyrics DON'T, You are automatically the copyright holder of your lyrics.  If you're still worried please read this important  information on copyright. Click Here For Info

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